Sunday, November 3, 2019

Should medicare and medicaid be reformed How so Explain fully Essay

Should medicare and medicaid be reformed How so Explain fully - Essay Example But in practice, leads to the fact that medicine in America has become absurdly, mega expensive.  Being for-profit businesses, insurance companies are focused on money earning.  They can get profits denying sick people medical care, raising prices or paying less to doctors. The last option is unrealistic, since doctors are a very powerful cast - America is ruled by doctors and lawyers.  Therefore, insurance companies are choosing raise cost of services and refuse compensations.  Most people do not pay the doctors themselves, their treatment is covered by insurance.  A huge percentage of Americans - 47 million people, roughly one in six, do not have insurance for many reasons.  So, all citizens who are outside the health care system do not undergo medical examination, health surveys and preventive treatments - as a result visit doctors with advanced stages of diseases that are expensive to treat.   No wonder that having such fantastic ineffective expenditures on Medicare and Medicaid and quite more successful examples of the problem solution, like in Canada, the Government took a risk of reforms that split society. It’s obvious that the state should strengthen its influence in the medical field.  It has to introduce a more strict control over private hospitals’ prices of services. Health care should become more social.

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