Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Informative speech- My chemistry professor Essay

Informative speech- My chemistry professor - Essay Example Little did I know that this person was going to be my saviour and mentor. During his classes, there was no time to waste and I told myself that I was going to excel in his subject. For real, I passed his class with flying colours and I am very proud of myself even up to date. This experience taught me a very important lesson. I reasised that hard work and perseverance are the gateways to success in life. I also learned that it is very important to have self confidence in whatever you are doing. It later emerged that all the classes that I have taken after him seem to be easy. I have learned to study hard from this wonderful person and I always strive to hand in quality workfor different classes. My results for different subjects have also significantly improved as a result of the inspiration that I got from my chemistry professor. This was a great lesson that I will never forget. The other thing that I learned from this person is that you should always strive to learn from your mistakes. I now believe that practice makes perfect and this also depends with the effort you put in whatever you are

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